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Farms at Work Beekeeping Mentorship Program - Checking Hives

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Quotes from previous participants:

“Even though I had to drive 2 ½ hours each day to get there, every cent was well spent. I have recommended the course to lots of people I know.”

“The Mentor provided so much new information I am still digesting it two years later.”

Participants in the Beekeeping Field Course tell us they found it extremely helpful in decision-making about their futures. Here are a handful of outcomes we have heard to date: 

  • decided to focus on being a bee breeder and stock supplier rather than being a commercial honey producer;
  • founded a new beekeeping club, the Urban Toronto Beekeepers Association (UTBA), which meets monthly to provide networking opportunities and information on all aspects of beekeeping to urban beekeepers;
  • plan to increase hive numbers to 100 as part of a sustainable farm plan which will include vegetables and small livestock;
  • plan to expand to 30-40 hives as a source of retirement income;
  • went on to explore new ideas from outside Canada and share with the community