Electric Tractor in Action!

Wheelbarrow Farm’s new ELECTRIC TRACTOR 

On October 4, Wheelbarrow Farm invites you to a unique opportunity to see the first commercially manufactured, SOLAR-POWERED ELECTRIC TRACTOR in Canada. Just in time for Thanksgiving, join Wheelbarrow Farm for a live demonstration of their brand new electric tractor plus get a tour of their 100% solar powered, 10-acre vegetable farm. The tour will also highlight their other sustainable farming practices. 

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Storage space needed for farm equipment 

Loonsong Farms has recently moved to Northumberland from Manitoulin Island. They are in need of lease/rental/barter of space to store cash cropping equipment.This can be either indoor or outdoor storage. The equipment that they are looking to store includes: 

  • transport truck, grain and float trailers, 1 or 2 combines and headers, discs, field cultivator and packer sets, planter and grain drills, swather, 3-4 tractors, grain wagons, augers, etc. 

  • 2 – 53' semi enclosed semi van trailers used for housing some of the milling and packing process and storage of grain totes, 3 (currently) hopper bottom bins (20' high with approximately 10'x10' footprint each) 

  • grain cleaner, gravity table, oat roller & feed grinder needing clean & dry indoor space 

 If you are interested or can help in any way please contact Paul Salanki at: 289-228-0047 (voice or text) or loonsongfarm@gmail.com 



Looking for Farm Work? Looking for Land? 

Check out the listings on Farms at Work's website today! 

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