land for rent close to Picton, Prince Edward County

land for rent close to Picton, Prince Edward County
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Acres Available: 
approx 20-25
Current Land Use: 
land not currently used
Historical Land Use: 
Was farm many years ago. generrally flat land - needs turning, leveling and cultivating
Water Source (i.e. pond, dug/drilled well)
Land is adjacent to a rented house and is easily accessible. The land is part of PEC so soil is not very deep (1-1.5 ft). Sandy loam soil, and is a bit rocky. The land was farmed many years ago, and it is available for rent for a local farmer who is willing to turn, cultivate and farm the land as part of a longer term agreement for either direct rent, profit sharing, or crop sharing arrangement. Approximately 20 to 25 acres of land is cleared and available, and there is an opportunity to potentially clear and utilize up to about another 50-60 acres of land. Please call for details for renting for the 2018 season. Regards, John
Short-term Lease
Long-term Lease