Independent Garden/Barnyard Business Operator

Name of Position: 
Independent Garden/Barnyard Business Operator
Name of Farm: 
Wholearth Farmstudio
County where farm is located: 
Description of farm business: 
In the past, the sandy loam soil of this prime land has produced robust vegetables for market, farmstand and CSA shares, as well as pastured and grazed meat chickens, Shropshire sheep, heritage pig breeds and Percheron Horses. The area also includes a spring-fed pond we have used for watering during drought years, a geodesic dome and a 40-foot greenhouse, assorted tools and equipment, and more. We are committed to organic, regenerative agriculture principles and practices, and would expect you to be as well. This includes: - Protecting and creating habitat for biodiversity (adding to the many species-at-risk that are established here) - Managing soil health (e.g. no/low till practices, rotational grazing, and zero use of persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers) - Extensive use of composting - Efficient energy use and renewable energy production (eg through turbine irrigation, solar panels etc) - Hedgerows for pollination /beneficial insect support, Monarch milkweed way station - Stewarding and enhancing the Provincially Significant Wetland .
CRAFT farm: 
Description of position: 
We have an opportunity for an experienced and hardworking gardener, grower or farmer (or team with experience working together) to launch and run your own small agriculture business in conjunction with our growing farm community. You are: - Experienced with leading small scale agriculture operations, including both horticulture and poultry/livestock management - Experienced with the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture - Community-oriented - Honest and good at communicating - Able to provide your own accommodation (eg trailer or yurt) We have approximately 4 acres of prime agricultural land for you to grow into a productive operation. This includes space for a market garden, and a barnyard (which is currently inhabited by two Percheron horses and some poultry - and there is plenty of space for more!). It would be up to you to develop revenue streams (e.g. produce or farm products for local farmers markets and restaurants, gate sales etc). In addition, there is lots of potential for different projects and activities in other areas of the property, which we hope you could also be a part of. A successful first year could lead to more permanent long-term arrangements.
Duration of position: 
Friday, February 23, 2024 to Wednesday, October 23, 2024
Deadline for application: 
Wednesday, October 23, 2024