Kawartha Farm Stewardship Collaborative

Kawartha Farm Stewardship Collaborative

The KFSC is a collaborative network of eleven organizations across east central Ontario that work together to support on-farm stewardship in the region. Each organization brings unique skills and resources to the collaborative, contributing to our joint ability to offer funding and technical assistance for farmers and landowners engaged in farm stewardship work. 

Since 2010, the KFSC has contributed funding and technical expertise to stewardship projects on close to 100 farms around the region.  

In 2011, the KFSC was awarded the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence: 

Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence

Project Funding

While additional projects may qualify from time to time, KFSC is actively seeking proposals for the following types of activities:

  • Fencing: to exclude livestock from sensitive areas such as streams, lakeshores, wetlands and woodlots
  • Alternate Watering Sources: for livestock that have been fenced out of sensitive/wet areas
  • Erosion Control: along lakeshores or rivers leading to lakes in east central Ontario
  • Wetland or Stream Crossings: construction of new crossings, or crossings that need improvements for agricultural purposes
  • Wetland Restoration: for low areas that you would like restored as a wetland
  • Tree Plantings: to sequester carbon on marginal farmland
  • Buffer and Pollinator Plantings: to reduce erosion in cropped fields with streams or ditches silting in, and to create or improve forage and nesting habitats for pollinators

We encourage all farms to complete a free Environmental Farm Plan. To find out when EFP workshops are happening near you, click here.  

We also encourage all farms to look into the Growing Forward 2 program, which offers funding for several kinds of on-farm stewardship activities.  Additional Ontario funding programs are offered through the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, depending on funding, which may vary from year to year.

Funding for tree planting may be obtained through Trees Ontario and the Maple Leaves Forever program. As a good farm steward, we encourage you to consider planting trees in locations that are unsuitable for growing or pasture, and to keep farmland in production wherever possible.

If you have an idea for a project on your farm, please let us know by completing our Project Intake Form. If funding is available, you will be contacted by one of our partners, who can direct you to the support you need.

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