News/Events - October 2012

Webinar on Mobile Abattoirs in Ontario Next Week!

Sustain Ontario will be hosting a lively online discussion on the topic of the mobile abattoir – literally, slaughterhouses on wheels – next Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 12:00pm.

Mobile abattoirs have already become a reality in parts of Alberta, BC and some states in the US, and are proving to be a viable, safe, and sustainable way for small meat producers to bring their products to the growing markets that demand them. In the wake of the very serious and disturbing news concerning the growing number of meat recalls and food safety issues around the country, this intriguing online conversation could not be more timely. 

Registration for the event is now open and is free for all to participate. So sign up and log on to hear from the experts and to have your voice heard. Check out the Sustain Ontario website for all the details!

Exciting Job Opportunity at The Ecological Farmers of Ontario!

The Ecological Farmers of Ontario are looking for a strong leader to fill the open Executive Director position at their Guelph office. The position is part time, so it would be perfect for the growing professional!

For more details, see the job posting at the website below!

Check Out These Great Documentaries On Bees!

Heads up to all you beekeepers, farmers, gardeners and informed eaters out there: there’s an exciting new documentary on the essential service (pollination) that bees and wild pollinators provide to our food supply. The film is called “More Than Honey” and is currently making its rounds through the North American film festival circuit. Keep your eyes peeled for any chance to see this film in a theatre near you (and please keep Farms At Work updated if you hear of any screenings that are coming up locally!). In the meantime, you can check out the trailer here. This film looks amazing!

You may also be interested in a film that was shown to large crowds at last year’s Guelph Organic Conference, called Queen of the Sun. It’s similar in scope and would be of just as much interest to many of you out there!