News/Events - October 2013

Terroir in Honey

Susan Chan, our resident pollination biologist, was recently on Good Food Radio to talk about the notion of terroir (taste of place) in honey. Much like wine, there are complex distinctions between honey varieties which are determined by factors such as soil conditions, nectar and pollen type, the extraction methods used by the beekeeper, among several others. Have a listen and make sure to come find us at our next honey tasting

We're On YouTube!

That right there folks is the first video uploaded to our brand new YouTube Channel!

About a month ago we hosted an event at Buckhorn Berry Farm for anyone interested in searching for and learning about native squash bees. Project Manager Susan Chan, who has been invited to use the farm as a laboratory, has spent the latter half of the 2013 growing season studying the life cycle and effects of conventional cropping systems on these bees around the pumpkin fields of Buckhorn Berry Farm.

When Susan extended the invitation to visit her in the lab and hear about her preliminary findings, we couldn't resist the urge to bring along the camera.

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Stay tuned for more videos!