The Corn Is In The Ground

The Flint Corn project got off to a great season late last week, building and planting 37 traditional mounds with flint corn and ceremonial tobacco. Squash, beans and sunflowers still to come! At the end of the season there will be a traditional feast of indigenous foods.

Our thanks go out to community volunteers, including students at St. Peter Secondary School (rock-picking and watering experts!) and Six-Nations based farmer and knowledge-holder Cameron Martin, who made it all possible with his van and roto-tilling expertise!

This year the Flint Corn project is located at the Mount Community Centre. If your group would like a tour, or if you'd like to volunteer at any time during the season, please contact as soon as possible. Another workday is scheduled for later in June, when we will be planting the squash, beans, and sunflowers.