Honey Tasting @ The Downtown Wednesday Market

We got a little sticky last Wednesday at the Downtown Peterborough Farmers' Market!

In partnership with the Central Ontario Beekeepers' Association (COBA), Farms at Work has been visiting local farmers' markets and food events to offer samples of over twenty types of locally produced honey. 

The message is quite simple: honey is a very special commodity. Like wine, this sweet, sticky substance has terroir, a taste of the place where it is produced. Factors such ast soil and water conditions, geography, climate, production and extraction methods, and (most importantly) the types of flowers that the honey bees forage on, all directly impact the aroma, texture, colour and flavour of the honey that is produced in a particular hive. Even just visually, you can see the wide spectrum of this oh-so-special stuff!

We'd like to thank the Peterborough Examiner for attending the market last week for an interview and photo op (you can read the article here), and we're really looking forward to joining our friends over at Ecology Park for their annual Family Night (Tuesday August 27th, 6-8:30pm), where we'll have over 20 varieties of local honey on sample. See you there!