Recycle Your Plastic Containers, Seed Bags and More!


Seed and pesticide bag collections

There are now more opportunities than ever to recycle your ag waste products, thanks to CleanFarms

This year, CleanFARMS will offer a program in major agricultural regions of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes to collect and safely dispose of empty seed and pesticide bags. Depots for free collection are located throughout Ontario.

What bags will be accepted? 

  • Empty pesticide bags: paper, plastic and multi-material
  • Empty seed bags: paper and polywoven plastic bags; regular and bulk bags

If you are unsure whether your bag is included in this collection, please call CleanFarms at: 1 (877) 622-4460 x 2227

Preparation steps

  1. Obtain a free plastic bag from your local collection sites
  2. Ensure that seed or pesticide bags are empty
  3. Place the empty bags in the collection bag
  4. Return your full, tied bags to a particular retail location. Bags will be accepted free of charge and sent for safe disposal 

Bulk bags that cannot fit in the plastic bag should be piled in a bulk bag. 

Note: The empty seed and pesticide bag program is for seed and pesticide bags only (not feed bags).