TRACKS Youth Pollination Day

TRACKS Youth Flint Corn Pollination

On Friday August 7th, youth from Hiawatha First Nation joined Farms at Work and the TRACKS Youth Program at the Three Sisters Garden to take part in an engaging and participatory Pollination Workshop.

The youth gave their thanks to the garden, learned to recognize corn, bean, and squash plants, listened to the Anishinaabe legend of the three sisters, and then took part in a pollination workshop to understand the role of the male and female flowers on both corn and squash plants. Some of the youth even helped to demonstrate pollination by acting out the role of the bee during squash pollination, or the wind during corn pollination. The youth also had the opportunity to grind some dried corn for eating!

Now that the pollination season is drawing to a close, we look forward to hosting the youth again in the fall to take part in the harvest!