Our Mission

To promote healthy and active farmland in east central Ontario

Our Mission

In order to accomplish this, we strive to:

  • Support farmers in diversification and expansion to ensure that farmland stays in production
  • Attract new farmers to the region
  • Ensure access to local farmer training opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for new and establishing farmers to integrate into the agricultural community through mentorship, internship and events
  • Support access to farmland and financing by new farmers
  • Engage farmland owners who are non-farmers in active use of their land for agricultural purposes
  • Create partnerships and outreach that result in on-the ground farm stewardship in the region.

Farms at Work is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform, which supports on-the-ground efforts to create uncommon solutions for the common good. Tides Canada is a national Canadian charity dedicated to a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity.

Tides Canada’s shared platform provides governance, human resources, financial, and grant management for leading environmental and social projects across Canada, allowing projects to more effectively achieve their missions. Tides Canada has full fiduciary and governance responsibility for Farms at Work. Farms at Work is committed to principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity. For more information please see Tides Canada's Accessibility Policy and Plan.

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