Stewardship Resources

Community Stream Steward Program - Resources & Publications

Coldwater streams, trout habitat creation, bank stabilization, riparian buffer zones, and more:

Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF)

EOMF has a new website designed for private woodlot owners to learn about forest certification, and to easily follow a stepped process that guides them through certifying their woodlots under the well-established EOMF Forest Certification Program.

OMAFRA Best Management Practices Series

This is an award-winning series of innovative publications that:

  • presents affordable options for protecting soil and water resources on the farm;
  • supports individual farm planning and decision-making in the short and long term;
  • harmonizes productivity, business objectives and the environment;
  • is available in both English and French;
  • presents a range of circumstances and options to address a particular environmental concern - use the information to assess what's appropriate for your property.

All of these can be ordered for free from OMAF at the link below:

OMAFRA Factsheet - Soil Sampling & Analysis for Managing Crop Nutrients

An introduction to soil sampling, outlining sampling areas, depths, collections, equipment, frequency and analysis. A useful resource for any field crop-producing farm.

OMAFRA Windbreak Resources

Videos and articles on creating and maintaining multifunctional windbreaks and information on the benefits of windbreaks for all types of farms.

Ontario Invasive Plant Council - Resources & Publications

Information and factsheets on various invasive species; horticultural materials and landowner manuals; various publications offered by OIPC's partner organizations.

A Landowner's Guide to Managing and Controlling Invasive Plants in Ontario

Ontario Nature - Resources & Publications

Ontario Nature - Includes Atlases, Checklists, Factsheets, and Identification guides on plants, wildlife, and more:

Ontario Professional Foresters' Association

Looking for a forestry consultant? This organization licenses foresters to practice professional forestry in Ontario, and lists members in a consultant directory on their website.  

Ontario Woodlot Association - Resources & Publications

Logging, selling standing timber, endangered and invasive species, disease and pest management, and more. Also available are links to over 50 extension notes on various woodlot topics.

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