News/Events - June 2013

The Place to Bee: Fundraiser and Farm Social

Recently, Farms at Work teamed up with local farmer, Jessica Foote to raise funds for pollinator plantings at her farm, Lunar Rhythm Gardens. Pollination biologist, Susan Chan, was on hand to give a presentation introducing participants to native pollinators as well as leading an informal field walk to help participants hunt for wild bees on the farm.

Thirty-five people attended the lecture and field walk, as well as the delicious potluck that followed.  The feast, laid out in the newly-constructed farm kitchen was bountiful, replete with homemade pesto, casseroles, and even ginger beer!

The money raised during the event will be used to start a small nursery of pollinator-friendly plant stock that will eventually be shared among farmers and landowners around east central Ontario.

To end the evening, the group made their way down to the makeshift stage in the drive shed for the old-timey pop standards of The Sandy Pockets, and the more contemporary stylings of electronic trio, Beetzwax. There was much dancing and carousing by both young and old alike!

The event was a great way to for farmers and non-farmers to meet, learn, and enjoy some great food and music. Many thanks to the bands for entertaining the group, to Susan Chan for taking time out of her schedule to spread her message, and to Jessica Foote and the team of organizers at Lunar Rhythm Gardens! Can’t wait for the next one!

University of Guelph to Offer Online Sheep Nutrition Course

Are you a sheep farmer who is interested in learning more about the nutrition and well-being of your flock? Do you think it might be possible increase profitability while at the same time improve the health of your animals? The University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus is offering a brand new online Sheep Nutrition Course that should help to answer these questions and more.

Developed by Dr. Paul Luimes, this new program provides farmers with the basic tools to optimize the balance between feed, meat quality and profitability. Topics covered include:
- Feed Types
- Nutrients
- Digestive Physiology
- Nutrient Requirements
- Ration Formulation
- Feed Management.

For more information, visit: