Congratulations GreenUp Ecology Park!

GreenUP Ecology Park has gratefully received support for their “Planting our Fruiture” project from Community Futures Development Corporation. Their project vision is to improve food security in our region and increase our green cover in our urban forest, through the planting, ongoing care and harvesting of edible trees and shrubs.

This season, GreenUP Ecology Park will be purchasing edible trees and shrubs suitable to this region and made available for sale in their nursery in the next few months. GreenUP is a non profit, charitable organization leading the field in environmental stewardship for home, business, school and community for 20 years.

* Please contact Marcy Adzich, manager of Landscape Programs if you have hardy
(Zone 4- 5b) fruit and nut trees, apple rootstock available for wholesale purchase.

*GreenUp Ecology Park would like to host a series of educational workshops about growing edible trees and shrubs.Please contact Marcy with workshop topics and let us know what you would like to learn!