Grassfed Livestock Tour @ The Stoddart Family Farm

Farms at Work continued its series of farm business management tours this past weekend at the Stoddart Family Farm, outside of Little Britain, Ontario.

Home to Canada’s only herd of Ancient White Park cattle, as well as one of the remaining flocks of Romney sheep in the country (listed as “endangered” by Rare Breeds Canada), Harry and Silvia’s farm is a picturesque testament to the simplicity of raising livestock on grass.


Despite the threat of rain, several new and experienced farmers arrived, eager to learn and swap ideas. Donning their tallest wellies and full-length slickers, the group wasted no time in traversing the barnyard to the fields.

Harry and Silvia discussed their methods of maintaining the health of their animals. They only medicate when absolutely necessary, in order to avoid undue suffering. Their belief is that the open-air and diet of diverse native grasses is what keeps their animals so healthy in the first place.

The Stoddarts’ goal for their herd of White Parks is threefold: to increase their numbers through breeding; to establish other herds in Canada; and to develop niche markets for rare breed products in the Canadian marketplace.

By all accounts, the Stoddarts are doing quite well with that last part. Their innovative meat CSA has just crossed the hundred-member mark, which is impressive, considering the modest size of their operation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Stoddart Family Farm, you should check out their website, Farms at Work would like to thank the Stoddarts for spending their afternoon with us on this tour. We would also be remiss without thanking the Ontario Trillium Foundation for all their generous support.  As always, stay tuned for announcements on upcoming events!