OMAF Launches New Blog for Specialty Crop Production in Ontario

Recently the Ontario Ministry of Food and Agriculture launched the new blog, ONspecialty Crops that expands upon the Ginseng and Speciality Crop Report that has been released regularly by the ministry since 2011.

This change recognizes and accommodates the wide range of speciality crops (low-acreage or niche crops that are generally new to a region) now being grown across Ontario.

The list of specialty crops being grown in the province continues to expand and currently includes ethnic vegetables, hops, sweet potatoes, specialty fruits like haskaps and sea buckthorn, culinary and medicinal herbs, and plants for industrial uses, including biomass crops and fibre hemp.

Updates and tips will be posted to the new blog regularly throughout the growing season. Topics will include crop production, monitoring and management of insects, diseases and weeds, and answers to frequently asked questions about specialty crops.

To browse the blog, head on over to To subscribe for regular email notifications, scroll halfway down the page and click the “Sign Me Up” button in the right-hand pane.