Register Now! Treatment-Free Beekeeping Workshop

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April 15th to 17th  |  Fleming College, Lindsay  |  Tickets: $10-$40  |  Lunch optional

Central Ontario Beekeepers Association, in partnership with co-hosts Farms at Work and Fleming College, is pleased to host a weekend with Michael Bush, a well-known pioneer of the treatment-free method of beekeeping from Nebraska, USA.

Michael has travelled around the United States discussing his practical and effective methods for bee hive management. As the author of "The Practical Beekeeper: Beekeeping Naturally", Michael advocates for beekeeping without the use of treatments for pests and diseases.

Join us at this 3-day workshop to hear about topics including:

  • A Year in a Treatment-free Apiary
  • Four Simple Steps to Healthier Bees
  • Queen Rearing and the “Whole Bee” Concept

The workshop format is geared towards all experience levels—from new beekeepers to those with decades of experience.

Register at to hear about these exciting topics and meet with other beekeepers in the area! For more information on the agenda, please visit