A Taste of Honey



In conjunction with the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough's 7 Days of Green, Farms at Work is hosting a honey tasting event, in celebration of the wonderful world of beekeeping.

Please join us at Black Honey as we smell, taste and examine over two dozen varieties of honey produced by members of the Central Ontario Beekeepers’ Association in bee yards all over the region. You’ll be amazed at all the different flavours, scents and colours we’ll encounter!

Like wine, the honey available from local beekeepers has “terroir”, a taste of place, which comes from where the hives are located. Much of today’s honey has gone through a process of blending and pasteurization, producing a homogenous, low-cost product that tastes the same every time. If we can appreciate the diversity of honey, we can also more fully appreciate the vital roles of honeybees and native pollinators in our food system.