Looking to buy my first farm to fulfil my lifetime dreams

Looking to buy my first farm to fulfil my lifetime dreams
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Brandyn Knight
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Looking to buy my first farm to fulfil my lifetime dream running an organic crop farm as well as a dog rescue.
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Living quarters
Livestock Fencing
Water Source (i.e. pond, dug/drilled well)
I am Looking to find ways to obtain land to start a Farming (Agricultural) business in Ontario, preferably in Simcoe County / Muskoka region(s) - where my familywould be able to live as well. I want to grow organic fruits and vegetables. I want to have the ability to get livestock and the livestock I am interested in are horses, sheep, goats chicken and pigs. I also want to run a dog rescue where I can rescue northern dogs due to the over population of northern dogs and not enough amenities and or professionals to provide proper professional care for the dogs in some of Canada's most northern communities. Ex. Vet care + bills. I want to train these rescue dogs on the farm so having a small indoor place to be able to work with them if weather is bad would be absolutely amazing but this is something I could expand into having in the future. I want to train the rescues in order to help them get adopted weather as companion dogs, service dogs, police dogs and or farm dogs for my own farm or for other farmers. I am even willing to take advice on the different pathways I could potentially take into obtaining land in order to get that much closer to fulfilling my dream. I would prefere to find a way to own this land at least in the long run as I would be investing in this property and home as if they were going to be my life time home where I could pass the farm on to my kids and or family. All the things listed here are not essentials but obtaining land is!!
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